Stop Hating on the Holidays

Words: Fio Cantero Visuals: Stocksy

If Valentine’s Day is single awareness month, the holiday season is Valentine’s on steroids.

The holidays are all about family, friends and spending time with those who mean the most to you. But what if you aren’t? Where does that leave you? Maybe this is your first time away from home not being able to spend time with your family, it may be that you’ve recently broken up with your significant other so you’re missing out on some serious cuddle time, or could be that you’ve recently lost a loved one due to a death. Whatever your situation, you’re feeling lonely. Well, you’re not the only one.

Finding happiness during the holiday season can be tough for anyone who’s lost someone (figuratively or literally). The hardest part is not having anyone to share your special moments with, exchange gifts with or something as simple as having dinner with.

For those spending the holiday solo dolo, I’ve created a list of some do’s and don’ts in order to get through this holiday season feeling #blessed.


1. Do accept it, don’t sulk in your loneliness.
Sometimes life can be rough, there’s no sugar coating it. You’re going through some tough s**t, it happens. Like anything else that’s happened before think of it as a lesson, a reason for you to become stronger and better. After all, this too shall pass.

1. Do accept it



2. Do focus on the good, don’t sweat the small stuff.
As bad as you may think you have it, someone’s else got it 10 times worse. So focus on the good stuff that’s happened to you. Did you land a new job? Moved into an awesome apartment? Maybe you’ve finally read that book you’ve been dying to finish? Whatever you did, go you!

2. Do focus on the good



3. Do something nice for someone else.
As cliché as it may sound, nothing makes you feel better than helping out others in need. It doesn’t have to be charity work, write a thank you note to a friend or bring coffee for a co-worker. Random acts of kindness will guarantee to better someone else’s day and in return yours too.

3. Do something nice



4. Do call an old friend, don’t think you can’t.
Doesn’t matter how long it’s been and you don’t need a reason why. If there’s anyone who’s influenced your life, pick up the phone and say “Hey, this time of year really got me thinking about you…how’s everything?” You’ll be surprised how one phone call with an old friend can change your mood.

4. Call a friend



5. Do treat yourself, don’t think you don’t deserve it.
We give ourselves less credit than we deserve. It’s the holidays, so why not splurge a bit? Buy yourself that bag you’ve been eyeing or that chocolate bar. It’s ok to binge every one in a while.

5. Treat Yourself



The bottom line is that the holidays will be over before you notice it. And I promise you, you’ll wish you enjoyed them more. So chill, whether you’re taking on this holiday season alone or with crazy relatives, enjoy it!

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