Welcome to Wynwood

The pulse to Miami’s creative class.

This community was once home to the 3rd largest garment district in the country. If you were skilled at making clothes in this city, this was where you worked.

Since then, all the factories packed up.

Now…it’s just us.


The Small Factory of Audacity

This is where ish gets buzzing. You’ll find an artful blend of design, manufacturing, and retail all happening under one roof.

We’re always iterating, validating our learning, and going for the gusto.


One Less Decision

Decisions. Decisions.

Each day you make thousands of them and well, figuring out which jeans to wear shouldn’t be one. We know you have don’t have time to waste, which is why we obsess so you can get on with it and do more by making one less decision.


Restoring the Feeling

We begin a new chapter of nostalgia. Each handcrafted pair of jeans brings to life the almost-forgotten art, reinventing it for a new generation delighted by quality and piece of mind.

You’ll find beauty in the details—precise needlework, fine-milled fabrics, curated cuts and meticulously executed techniques.

Before leaving our factory, each pair of jeans are individually inspected, logged into our record book by lot number and signed by hand.

It’s unique. It’s exclusive. It’s personal.


You weren’t mass-produced


So your jeans shouldn’t be either. Let’s raise a glass and toast to you being a 1/1.
Bottoms up. Literally.

Tailored For You

Your guide for style, people that inspire, places to go, and things of wonder.